Monday, November 22, 2004


One thing that should start becoming increasingly clear is that Republicans care little for ethics when it comes to helping their own. The vote to protect Tom Delay and the taxpayer provision that was inserted into the omnibus bill ("ominous" seems more appropriate) illustrated this quite well. However, progressives should argue that these are two sides of the same coin - ethical lapses by conservatives.

The vote to protect Delay is not about protecting their own. Rather, it's a demonstration that conservatives lack ethics. The IRS provision insertion is not a matter of privacy; it's unethical.

Progressives can either trot out a littany of instances against the Republicans, and hope death comes way of a 1000 cuts. Or, they can start pushing major themes. One of the best things about a major theme is that every time the Republicans do something questionable, we can label them as unethical. Each instance, and we know there will be more of them, will help reinforce the theme.

Rove likes to attack his opponent's strength. People seem to think that the GOP is the party of moral values. This is a good way to start chipping away at that perception.


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